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Eveybody knows Martini by their Vermout, but it was an Italian secret they also had been producing great Prosecco for years. 



We created an introduction campaign for Martini Prosecco for the Dutch market. Martini believes you can create a party, by bringing the spirit yourself. 
The idea of the campaign is visualised by a girl bringing balloons. For the tv ad a special song was composed - 'Golden Days', performed by the upcoming artist Krystl Pullens. At the campaign kick-off, a music video was released for Krystl, with a visual link to the commercial, a girl bringing balloons. It became '3FM Megahit' and reached an honourable #18 in the charts.

Martini invited the audience for performances by Krystl at intimate events to enjoy the bubbles and the music live among friends. 


My role

Creative direction, strategy, concept, copy


Credits: Massive Music, Krystl Pullens, Brand New Live, Universal


Maaike Dommershuijzen
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